40 something wife, mom to three, four and under (with a set of twins!), wife, infertility warrior, community builder, team leader, multi-tasker, supporter, friend, connector, therapist, advocate, writer, trained Doula, co-founder of Mom MeetUps, founder of Its Conceivable, and a goddamn cheetah.

Globally-recognized family and fertility expert, featured on/in CNBC, Good Morning America, Reuters, The New York Times, Slate, The Wall Street Journal, TF1, BusinessInsider.com, Care.com, HeatherHuhman.com, Juna.co, Mom.com, InfertileAF, RMANY.com, Fertility Rally, Fertilust, ScaryMommy.com, Stuytown.com, TheFertilityTribe.com, BexHasBabies.com and others. Skilled at creating clear content, curating connections, and coaching collaborative communities. 

After becoming a first time mom, something shifted. My passions changed, my interests grew and I realized how alone and isolating it could be, becoming a new mom – if you didn’t have a community to support you. From that moment I realized I wanted to help women setting out on this chapter of their life as well. Whether that be for those struggling with infertility, pregnancy challenges, life as a new mom, or all the spaces in between. So I left my career, and health insurance, working for the man and committed to a life of lifting women up.

I have founded and manage many groups focused on supporting women who are struggling to become pregnant, stay pregnant and transition through pregnancy into the 4th trimester / early stages of motherhood. I use social media as one platform to publicly speak about my experiences, and help normalize infertility, breastfeeding, postpartum challenges and add humor and reality to these topics, and all the others that come with parenthood in this generation. Most recently I created multiple communities for people considering leaving New York City for “greener pastures” once Covid hit. The Into the Unknown Facebook group grew to 10,000 members within a few months and has offered support, guidance, resources and simply, community to so many. 

I’ve been living in Manhattan for most of my life, my family has been here since the 1870s – but as of March 13, 2020 – we’ve just been living in limbo.

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